About Us

Spectrum Creation with 25 years of experience, is proud to present their new Ambisia - Brand Door Portfolio to meet every requirement of Interior doors and frames for beautiful homes.

Ambisia Door Portfolio offer extensive range of Quality Doors with variety of different surface finishes like Laminates, Veeners, Wood and other Premium surfaces with exotic designs.

Our products have enhanced the aesthetics of interior designing. Wooden Frames, Doors and Floorings give a warm, nostalgic feeling to every space.

Our products are manufactured from different variety of quality wood that are chemically treated and kiln seasoned as per relevant Indian standards with state-of-art technology, skilled manpower and well developed infrastructure. However, every wood log comes with a certificate that certifies its origin. We give utmost attention to the origin of every raw material that enters our production facility. Also, the chemicals used for treatment and other affluents are neutralized before they are released into the eco system.

Our portfolio gives you the choice to select from the most elegant and precious doors to the most economical and beautiful quality doors.